PoliticsPA: Dems Tap Briggs for HDCC

Written by Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

State Rep. Tim Briggs of Montgomery County will take the reins of the House Democratic Campaign Committee for the 2014 election cycle, effective today.

He steps in as Democrats face a difficult uphill slog to narrow their 111 to 92 minority in the chamber.

“I was disappointed, to be candid,” he said of the 2012 election results. The caucus defeated one incumbent Republican but lost an open seat, leaving it with a net gain of zero. “The Senate saw some big victories and closed the gap. I was hoping we would have picked up a couple of seats.”

“As it got closer I knew the majority wasn’t going to be in reach. But I was hoping in the southeast to take advantage of some of Obama’s popularity.”

Briggs, 42, is beginning his third term in the state House. He’s married with four children.

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